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  • Продолжительность: 3:58
  • Размер: 3.75
  • Качество mp3: 320 kbps
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  • Просматривали: 112
  • Опубликовано: 06.10.2021
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Текст песни Aespa - Savage

Текст песни Aespa - Savage

I'm a killa', who will break you, ae

You're still hiding and hallucinating

Beat you up, we holler

I'm not afraid of you, you, hit you harder

Push me in, deep fake on me

To the unprepared stage

Corner me in, fake on me

Got everybody, mock up to me

You shake me up so that I feel ashamed

Cold spectators are collapsed, ae

I can't stand you anymore, say, "No!" (Yeah, yeah)

Wait and see, I'm a little savage

Your dirty play

I can't stand it any longer

You want to break me

Your hallucinations are becoming

The reasons to construct you

I'm a savage

I'll break you into pieces yeah, oh-oh-oh-oh

I'm a savage

I'll crush you, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

Get me, get me now

Get me, get me now (Zu-zu-zu-zu)

Or I'll become more savage (Zu-zu-zu-zu)

Get me, get me now

Get me, get me now (Zu-zu-zu-zu)

Now I'm going to get you now, I'm a savage

Gimme, gimme now

Gimme, gimme now (Zu-zu-zu-zu)

I can see your words, your weakness algorithm (Zu-zu-zu-zu)

Steaming, it's steaming, steaming, it's steaming (Zu-zu-zu-zu)

MA ae SYNK, don't bother me and bog off, savage (Zu-zu-zu-zu)

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